Your GOOGLE listing is the cornerstone of your Internet marketing. Even though its only one listing, it must be optimized or your listings will tumble. After the video has been created and uploaded to YouTube we will create your most important web presence - GOOGLE. It's even more important than your own website.
Create YouTube AccountThis will be where we store your 30 second video.

Upload Your Video To YouTube
We will create your own YouTube channel, and some more links to your website.

Claim Your Listing on Google
We lay claim to your Google listing. We list all of your categories, descriptions, pictures, videos..everything. THIS IS THE FOUNDATION. If you have already claimed your listing with a different email, we can use that or we can switch to the email created in Step 1.
Confirm Your AccountMost of the time, this is done immediately with a call to your business phone number directly from Google. Sometimes a postcard must be sent. The postcard method could delay us about 10 days.
Wait 72 hoursWe want to see you placed...FrontPage Solution doesn't like starting on anything else until this step is PERFECT!

Step 1. Collect Data Step 3. Create Social Networking