Getting the right consistent data is vital to your success. Our experts will optimize your keywords, categories, photographs, descriptions, everything just for you!

Create Marketing EmailThis will be the email used to list you on all the Internet directories.
Create Marketing WebsiteWe purchase another domain just for marketing. We can create a whole new site or just use elements from your existing site. The purpose of this site to make a technically perfect presence on the web.

Landing Page Sample

MicroSite Sample

Full Custom Website Sample
Collect 8 PicturesWe will make your listings robust will vivid pictures.
Get Your LogoCreate your brand identity on your listing with your logo.
Create Video From The PicturesFrontPage Solution will then take all these pictures and logos and create a 30 second internet commercial for YouTube.
Click here for a sample YouTube video created by FrontPage Solution
Establish your EXACT Name, Address and Phone NumberVITAL: Your listings must be consistent throughout all of the directories. You will lose reputation and creditability if you have multiple addresses and web sites. If you don't have a website, we will make a landing page like this one: Click Here
Create Marketing CouponWe need the simplest of coupons. This is just one more dimension to your listings.
Establish proper keywords, classifications and headings.This used to be easy. Ten years ago there was maybe 100 different headings, now there are 2400 top level Google headings. Choosing the right ones are so important.
Click here for the listing of the 2400 top level Google categories.
Upload Everything To Your Dashboard!As soon as your dashboard comes live, you will be able to see the daily progress.
Your TurnWe want you to see your dashboard, review the pictures and approve your new video commercial. As soon as you give us your approval, we will get hard to work!

    Step 2. Optimize Google